Rope Hero: Vice Town v6.0.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Points/VIP)


Since childhood, you have dreamed of becoming a superhero who can save the world and protect everyone. Rope Hero: Vice Town is a not wrong choice for you; this is a fun and funny game; you are playing the role of a superhero, and nowadays, this is also a game that many people care about and use.


This is a game that a lot of people enjoy, especially children. When participating, you will become a great superhero, defeat enemies to protect the world. Specifically, when you start to do quests, you must have a courageous spirit, resilient will, fearlessness in front of your enemies. Use the powers you have to kill evil criminals and quickly save the city.


When playing this role, you have to carry great responsibility; you have to participate in facing difficulties and challenges to defeat the enemy with fun missions. There will be a lot of enemies that you must face-off, like gangsters, robbers, and many demons in the city. After doing good deeds, you will be admired and respected by many people, they are very proud of you and from here on you will become a celebrity in the city.

In addition, while participating in the game, you can entertain yourself with exciting and exciting 3D shooting games that will give you more morale to destroy the enemies. Besides, many unexpected situations are not suitable for a hero, so you should be wary and vigilant with the chase and catch many thieves and robbers.

You are a special person, carrying a superpower that no one has. The superhero character will have an unlimited length rope to perform agile jumps and move quickly to where the bad guys are on the rooftops of large buildings. You will have a glimpse of the entire city and know what incidents are happening where you can help promptly.


In this game, you get great deals on the expansion and development of a wide variety of games in the store, and at the same time, discount a variety of game products for easy use. These mini-games are always updated 24/24 to keep players entertained. In addition, you have the right to control and choose your character by replacing it with the appropriate kit. This will help your character become great and stand out from the crowd.

While playing, you do not need to follow anyone’s request or instructions but have the freedom and freedom to explore and enjoy the world for yourself.

In addition to that, there are also adorable and lovely objects such as beaches, modified tanks, bicycles, and airplanes. At this point, you will have to move to many places; you have the right to choose the most portable and convenient means to enjoy.

In addition to the above vehicles, there are also skateboards, which will help players move simply and in line with street fashion. Use the correct tricks and exciting gameplay and tips. The most memorable thing is that you will have a modern parachute, which will have the function of helping you destroy the enemy more efficiently.


GLIDER is a department that provides different outfits for your superhero, capable of helping you fly and move. This is an object that can move at lightning speed. To be able to create beautiful memories and memorable moments while playing, the selfie stick will help you do that. It can also become an item for you to use in self-defense.

The most special and surprising is expanding the arsenal and many weapons, ammunition, guns to help you in capturing and eliminating enemies. For example, Freezer, you can use this gun to freeze enemies and other objects. Or maybe Gravigun was able to create an attraction on his side. There are also many guns like the Flamethrower, which has a flamethrower function that makes it easy to burn things you want. Finally, the Jump Gun gun allows the hero to fly flexibly and quickly.

A free game with many useful and exciting things for you to explore and enjoy, bringing a lot of fun to life as well as reducing the pressure. Install and play it now! We always welcome you.

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