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On the mobile platform, there have been many games made in the style of Grand Theft Auto for players to experience. But they have had too many, but most of them don’t have any breakthroughs. If players want to have a better experience and be newer than those games, then come to the game called Superheroes City. Although this game is made in the style of GTA the player is not mafia, the player will become a superhero. But unlike the superhero movies that players often watch, it will be very different.

Players will become superhero-fighting bad guys who are intent on destroying your city. These are the enemies who have the same power as you, but they are not willing to use their power to protect humanity. They see people as weak people and they will have to serve them but they have no responsibility to do so. So they have created a force to fight true superheroes and destroying the human city.

Despite being a superhero but violence is still the essence of this game, the experiences that players have will still be similar. When coming to this game, players will have two choices to be able to experience the game to the fullest. It’s that players will be free to do whatever they like in this city, but that will have some limitations. Or the player can do the tasks given by the game to learn about the story of the game. Either way is a good choice, or if you want, the player can even choose both.

If you choose the first option, the player will be free to do many things that no one can stop you. Because the player is a superhero possessing immense power, no one can fight you. Players can do everything, for example flying through the city or using their superpower to destroy facilities. If the player violates too many rules of the city, there will be an army of robots sent to destroy you. But that will not be possible, because the player can easily destroy them with his power.

When reading the name of the game, the player also knows this is the city of superheroes, so there will be many other superheroes. The player may come across a person with supernatural powers walking on the sidewalk. But do not worry, they are just NPCs so it is impossible to destroy the player, the player can also kill other superheroes if desired. But they will attack the player if the player attacks them, so do it quickly.

The second way is equally interesting than the first, the player will be provided with many tasks given by the game. But unlike GTA, players will go to marked locations to receive missions, but simply turn on the mission panel. It will be many different tasks for players to perform.

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