Stickman Rope Hero v3.9.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Stickman Rope Hero is where to find the true hero when they dare to confront and fight the enormous monsters to protect the city.

Do you want to role-play the characters to overcome challenges? One suggestion for you is Stickman Rope Hero. When participating in this game, you will fight against the enormous monsters that protect the city, bringing back the original life for the inhabitants living there. Act now, what are you waiting for? The hero is you; the life of the city depends on you.


Stickman Rope Hero allows players to experience the life of a hero character participating in challenging quests and adventures. Although it is a virtual world, it is equally attractive. You decide to take action to bring order to the city, protect the people there. Your main task is to destroy the monsters, collect items and weapons to continue the new journey. Like going everywhere by different means such as cars, motorbikes, helicopters… Therefore, this is really the ideal place for you to experience the reality of becoming a hero rescues the human spirit.


The game will provide players with different levels, from easy to complex. During the battle, it is possible to obtain useful items when defeating the enemy. When leveled up, the player will be provided with valuable weapons to increase strength. In addition to participating in combat missions, players also have to participate in the rescue and protection of city dwellers being kidnapped by monsters. At the same time, take them to a safe shelter. As more and more people survive, you will receive more useful items and resources, increase your strength, and level up.


Stickman Rope Hero Using a map of a city, the range of activities is quite large. Players can freely choose the battle area on the ground, in the air… In particular, you can ultimately choose the right combat weapon, the highly efficient means of transport, when all advantages are in play towards the enemy. In those types, players enjoy choosing guns to attack targets, based on distance, distance … overcome their strengths and weaknesses, kill quickly, and bring high efficiency. And each weapon requires handling skills, ingenuity, and sensitivity to be able to bring into full play its effectiveness.


Stickman Rope Hero lays out some minimum requirements to fit into this category. Gamers will have to have compatible machine configurations to install more easily without freezing when playing. Players can participate in levels with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. In addition, its excellent sound effects go hand in hand with the sharp and clear graphics of the game. The characters and images are designed to be diverse and eye-catching, giving players experiences and discoveries while on missions. However, with a computer with an average configuration, players have experienced it too easily.

Stickman Rope Hero is a game that is attracted by attractive gameplay and diverse missions and is always upgraded every day in terms of both content and accompanying features, modern weapons. So, join in to learn and experience this game that will make you enjoy it for the first time!

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